how does it work?

A Nice Cup Of.. is powered by tea. Like the best ideas.

You enter your name and email address, and the name and email address of a friend, and we'll send them a personalised cut-out-and-fold teacup in the form of a PDF which they can download, print, fold and make into a physical thingy.

Nothing beats a real cup of tea, of course, and our paper cups probably wouldn't be safe to hold hot liquids in either, but its perhaps the next best thing.

who made it?

conceived and coded by Matthew Knight (@webponce)

designed by What Katie Does (@whatkatiedoes)

tea cup construction by Paper Foldables (@paperfoldables)

i don't drink tea

i'll let you into a little secret, i'm more a coffee drinker myself. watch this space for hyper-caffeinated action, coming soon